What is Gait Analysis?

At New Balance we have many different running shoes to suit each individual style. Every runner is different, that is why it is important to find the best shoe for you.

What is Gait Analysis and why is it important to know your Gait Cycle?

The gait cycle describes the way we run. It describes the motion from when one foot makes contact with the ground to when the same foot contacts the ground again. It is broken into two phases: the stance phase and the swing phase. Having your gait analysed helps to make sure you are choosing the correct running shoes.

Levels of Pronation

Pronation is the natural side to side movement of the foot. There are three defined levels of pronation that runners and non-runners sit within. We can get an idea of what may happen when we run from a standing observation below or the mid stance phase of the run.

For every runner this can change over time based on a wide range of factors, so it is important to seek advice and get your gait analysed with every running shoe purchase.

How to determine your pronation level

On your last pair of running shoes, the direction of the wear on the rubber outsole can help give an indication of pronation level.


Click here to submit a video of your running gait to be analysed.



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