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Our running heritage together with our technologically advanced footwear experience helps us to provide the right fit and comfort for our customers when choosing a new running shoe.

Your running gait is the biomechanical process of how you run. By submitting your video we can look at your running gait and the flexibility of your feet through the 3 stages of your ‘stance phase’: the Foot Strike, Mid Stance and Toe Off. New Balance produces a range of shoes from neutral and firm through to supportive and cushioned and a review of your gait together with the answers to some simple questions will help guide us towards a set of recommendations that will hopefully help optimise your performance.

To help us analyse your running gait, follow the steps below to send us your video:

STEP 1: Record a video of your running gait

  • Using a treadmill will provide the best possible results
  • Set up your camera between 30-50cm behind your treadmill and between 30-45cm off the ground. For best results, mount your camera securely on a tripod (ask a friend to help if you don’t have access to a tripod) 
  • For the most accurate result, it’s important we see your natural running gait, so wear an unsupportive pair of shoes
  • Check your camera is set up correctly by recording a test run, ensuring that the camera can clearly see the treadmill, your feet and your legs in the centre of the screen
  • Record at least 20 seconds of you running on a treadmill at a pace that is close to your normal running speed

STEP 2: Email your running gait video to us for analysis – Send Now

The Online Gait Analysis service from New Balance is an advisory service only that will help you make a more informed choice about your running footwear. Ultimately you should select a running shoe that fits well and feels comfortable. All shoes bought online can be returned within 30 days of delivery and will be subject to a full refund if your handling of the shoe has not reduced the value of the product. New Balance regards normal handling in the same way as the trying on process that would be permitted in a shop and with sports shoes, this may include a short trial run on a treadmill.


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