Schedule a UPS Collection

If you are unable to return your item/s via a local UPS Access Point, you can schedule a free UPS collection. To schedule a collection, first read the instructions below and then follow this link.

On the UPS website, please fill in the following sections:

Section 1. Enter the tracking number without any spaces as shown on your pre-paid UPS label.**Tip**: This number is 18 characters long and always starts with “1Z” e.g. 1Z30R0336801864298.

Section 2. You do not need to enter a UPS account number, please leave this field blank Then fill out your contact details for the location where you would like the collection to take place.

Section 3. Please fill out the number of packages that you are returning and calculate the total weight of your package (a pair of shoes is roughly 1KG). Choose the shipping service which is "UPS International Service”, then under that heading “UPS Standard“.

Section 4. Please fill in the date, time and any special instructions for the driver for your desired collection time.

Once you have filled in all the necessary information, press Next, review your details and press Next again. This collection service is FREE to all customers who have a valid UPS return label.

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